November 30, 2010

TCKompas Annual Report 2009

"I don´t know your experience with cars. I mean buying cars. My colleague told me a story from the time wthen he was a student. He found a great offer on a car he always desired. Low mileage, faultless body, beautiful paint and leather seats. A Saab no less! The test drive came our perfectly. The engine didn´t show any problems. It was full strength all the time. However, the story did not end with a purchase. Because, for some reason, the owner didn´t want to let him back the beautiful car into her yard. But he tried it anyways.  And then it was revealed. The reverse gear was broken! Our desire here at TKompas is to have both a good outward condition as well as a strong inward capacity." Peter Hrubo, TCK Director

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