November 16, 2010

„To live my life to inspire and train youth leaders and help them to raise up the next generation of Christ followers in the church.“

How my Creator found me

Today, I can see that God used my parents to find me.  By their lives and tough ministry they created an environment within its context which I understood very quickly who the Lord of the world is. I was eight years old when, for the first time, I stopped to think about the truth and that the faith of my family will not help me, and that I alone will stand before His face. This „I alone“ stood for one little sinful being.  There was only one solution – Christ. My journey towards Him began very inconspicuously. I was in my room on my own, and I decided that, simply, I would step forward. I began this journey timidly as an eight-year-old girl, and continue to walk with Him daily. Life is full of daily forgiveness, unconditional love, challenges and steps into the unknown. And, this is how my walk with God looks like. A simple beginning with a spectacular follow-up.

His Invitation
I received a precious treasure from my family. Ministry. It has been growing in my heart and is rooted so deeply that I cannot imagine a single ordinary day without ministry. While in high school, I and a group of friends wanted to bring the gospel to our classmates. We organized outdoor summer camps, discussion clubs throughout the year, and prayer group meetings. I finished high school and this season of minsitry. At that time God called me again, and His invitation was very clear – to work with senior high school students in my church – not just to be a part of our youth group, but to lead, encourage, walk with and point them to Christ. A couple of weeks into this ministry confirmed that I was in the right place at the right time. Youth from my church won my heart. This work created new beginnings, first attempts in leading a small groups, and first-time teaching. I wanted to use all I had, and therefore I started to lead them in worship, to spend time with young musicians and soon also to lead a choir of singers. God gradually formed my heart and my desires as a potter who shapes clay. Christ came to heal the sick, save the lost, which led me to work in our churches local evangelization youth center. To accompany people in their first steps with the gospel, to watch them spiritual grow, and to see how God subdues them still more and more – these are the most precious moments. Three years ago I heard about discipelship for the first time. This word has changed my opinion on ministry. Discipling young girls, listening to them, helping and teaching them, giving new challenges, and pointing to Jesus Christ in life, this became my the most favorite part of ministry.

My role at the TCKompas
My first experience with TCKompas began when I entered into their School of Youth Leaders program. The TCK Staff helped formed me with their study programs inspiring me to remain in ministry. It is an honor to work for this organization. One of my roles will be to work with and lead the volunteers of the TCK Annual Youth Leaders Conference. This is the largest Eastern European Youth conferences. It provides an opportunity for youth leaders to grow spiritually, gain new insights and learn new ways do to ministry.
In addition, I will mentor and care for a few youth leaders who will participate in the TCK School of Leaders program. Because this program impacted my minstry, I want to give back to the next generation of youth leaders. I will also serve as the office assistant, and work with the youth in the Žilina Brethren Church.
I believe that every single heart which is broken for ministry is a valuable treasure. Therefore my desire is to support youth leaders and local churches that will become the places where obedient and God-dependent followers will be raised up.

Building a team of co-workers
I cannot do this alone and need a team to support me through prayers, encouragement and financial investments. Will you prayerfully consider partnering with my ministry through your prayers, encouragement and/or financial giving?
 I am in need of a prayer team who wil commit to pray faithfully for me and the work I am involved in. I am in need of an encouragement team who will remain in contact with me through letters, emails, visits and/or care packages.
And, i am in need of a financial team who will support our ministry with Josiah Venture as a monthly, annual or a one-time financial contributor.
For me to serve in Slovakia, I need to raise: 10200 $ / year.  This amount covers all of my living expenses. This will also allow me to participate in their School of Youth Leaders that includes visiting local churches. This amount will allow me to be a part of English camps next summer.
If you are interested in joining, please contact me. (
Blessings, Eva

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